Fancy Pumpkin Cookies and Chocolate-Dipped Acorn Cookies

FFancy Pumpkin Cookies and Chocolate-Dipped Acorn CookiesI know that Thanksgiving isn’t a traditional “cookie” holiday.  Thanksgiving is filled with many desserts but not all of them are easy to personalize like the sugar cookie. These fancypumpkincookies are a great way to add a touch of elegance

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to the festivities.  Why should Christmas have all the fun? 

Processed with Snapseed. I have seen so many fantastic tutorials out there for highly detailed cookies, they have tons of cookie cutters that I would love to play with.  There are so many techniques and designs that I’m craving to try.  

Processed with Snapseed. Sometimes when I’m decorating, I just can’t stop.  I have to remind myself to keep things simple.  Simple can still be beautiful, cute, fun, etc.  

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Simple can also make decorating much more enjoyable. I really enjoyed making and decorating these fancypumpkincookies.  I didn’t go crazy with the number of colors or cookie cutters.  I kept the design simple, that was truly hard.  I was tempted to add more details here and there but yes, I held myself back.  I’m glad I did. 


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Please click on fancypumpkincookies for recipe.

Lets move on from pumpkins to acorns.  This is a Fall-themed cookie that deserves a special spot at the Thanksgiving table…..chocolate-dippedacorncookies 

Processed with Snapseed. Acorns make a beautifully festive holiday cookie.  Given their seasonal appeal, they are perfect for Thanksgiving and Christmas. These beautiful cookies take decorating to the next level. When making the cookies I decided to make two types of cookies. An acorn cookie filled

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with Nutella  and a no-filling acorn cookie 

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This beautiful, buttery little cookie has an essence of brown sugar, and espresso then dipped in melted chocolate and rolled in chopped almonds.

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 With so little effort, you end up with a cookie that looks as if it came from a bakery – while possessing the rich flavor 

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of home-baked .  Recipe is chocolate-dippedacorncookies .  

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When I was making the sugar cookies I just couldn’t resist in making a coffee cup…I have to have my coffee.   Happy Thanksgiving!


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