Hand Painted Marzipan Fruit

As a little girl I grew up in an Italian culture from homemade pasta, meatballs, tomato sauce, to homemade sausages(this list goes on).  Italians like to have big gatherings and celebrations with family.  Growing up I remember going to “quite a bit” of Italian weddings (300+ guests).  It seemed like there was always a wedding to go to. As a child I found them boring but the best part of the weddings were the sweet tables (which seemed endless), from different types of cakes, pies, pastries, cookies, fruit and so much more.

What really intrigued me and always caught my eye were the little shiny shaped fruit.  I still am intrigued by these sweet shaped fruit.  It is hard to believe that they start off as a ball of paste and then they are hand molded into beautiful figurines of fruit.

This is my childhood memory that I would like to share with you…my own little ‘Hand Painted Marzipan Fruit’…..starting out as a ball of paste and transformed into a beautiful shaped fruit.

IMG_0279         IMG_0266



Shape the paste…


                                          Mold the balls together….                                      


Paint them and voila! Just made grapes.



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