Pizzelle Cookies and “My Pizzelle Christmas Wreath”

All I want for Christmas is a ……Pizzelle Maker. A Christmas present from my husband and kids, and I love it. My first time making pizzelles, first batch turned out a little hard. Once I got the hang of it, it became easy.IMG_1618 Pizzelles are the oldest known cookie.  The name comes from the Italian word Pizze for round and flat. IMG_0670It has become tradition to use PizzelleCookies to celebrate any holiday or festive occasion, especially Christmas and Easter.  Pizzelles are easy to make and can be made in slightly different ways and presented in many different forms. IMG_0525Every Christmas my main dessert has been the traditional cannolli filled with ricotta cheese.  This year I wanted to step it up and try something with my new toy (pizzelle maker). I wanted to make something that blended with my traditional dessert.  IMG_0541With a lot of experimenting, and burned fingers this is my final product. IMG_0574 (1)I call it “Pizzelle Christmas Wreath”.  This might be my new traditional Christmas dessert.  Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!


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