Pure Almond Extract

Almond extract, among the baking extracts, is second only to vanilla in popularity. In almost everything that I bake I use vanilla or almond extract. Almond extract is strong, clear, sweet and pure in flavor. IMG_0763This picture shows the beginning stages of Almond extract. The uses are endless (use in small amounts) to add flavor to many baked goods such as cookies, bars, bread, cheesecake, marzipan and crackers.

To make Almond extract you will need:IMG_0765

– 3/4 cup raw, chopped almonds  (skinless). I left skin on mine, I’ve been told the skin apparently gives a stronger flavor 

– 1 cup vodka

In a jar place raw, chopped almondsIMG_0754 then add and cover with the cup of vodka(the almonds IMG_0755 should be below vodka). If you want the extract to be clear use skinless almonds. Let steep for 6-8 weeks, store in a cool, dark place. Gently shake the jar 3-4 times per week to ensure the flavor is being distributed.



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