Espresso Chocolate Torte

So here we are! Another year has just begun! Happy New Year to you all!! May 2016 be a healthy, peaceful year.   I needed a sweet way to start the new year and what better way than to share dessert with you.  01c0d28973fd132f559444e116145f7e8f5a83d92a My first cake of the year 2016 is my EspressoChocolateTorte , a perfect treat to start the new year. On New Year’s Eve, most people celebrate the passing of another successful year, but I think January 1st deserves a party, too.  01c667929521005ffe0105be8abbd2222be4bf7dbbWhile the night before focuses on celebrating with friends, the day after is all about food with family.  Kick off the year with a classy dessert 01bdb6ef630691072455e6edc4992c0312d155500dand savor the dark, delicious flavors of chocolate and espresso with this flourless torte. This multi-layered showpiece of meringue and espresso buttercream coated in ganache will win over any chocolate fan. 01d546bb41658ccd03573e8d4c8ca866ae3fb24d18






9 thoughts on “Espresso Chocolate Torte

  1. That’s a really nice Espresso Chocolate Torte,next new year I will for sure bake that cake,I wish I was there to taste some,because I bet it’s tastes so good!!!!!!!!!!


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