Pure Berry Extract

This Berry Extract is made with only two main berries..blackberries and raspberries.ipad pics 538 This is my final extract to share from my homemade collection. There are so many different flavored extracts to use but I decided to make only the extracts that are popular in my personal pantry, the extracts that I use on a regular basis-Vanilla Extract, Mint Extract, Almond Extract, Cinnamon Extract, Orange Extract, Lemon Extract and now “Berry Extract”.

To make this extract you will need 3/4 cup berries(mixed); 1 cup vodka. As all my extracts I have found that Vodka is the alcohol of choice because it has a neutral flavor. Other liquors may be used, but they contribute flavors of their own.

Add berries to a clean glass jar and pour the vodka to fill to the neck of the jar, making sure berries are beneath vodka.ipad pics 539 Leave them in a cool, dark cabinet for about 6 to 8 weeks or longer. Once a week tilt your jar upside down to gently mix the liquid inside. Once the whole process is finished you may remove the berries from the jar and start enjoying your Berry Extract.ipad pics 541 This extract is perfect to give your sauces, jams, cakes, ice cream, drinks and pancakes a flavor boost. Berry extract pairs perfectly with other flavors like vanilla, cinnamon and even chocolate. I hope you enjoyed my ‘Extracts Collection’, let me know which extract  you use most?


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