Classic White Cake with Fluffy Meringue Frosting

Ring in the New Year with style – cake style, that is!  It’s sparkly and perfectly fun for toasting at midnight!  Dress up a plain white cake with silver balls, softly toasted meringue frosting and topped with fireworks using simple silver streamers. 016aeb08a9aa2dbb7d5d64bd4d2c64913f173d2982 A sparkly sprinkle cake for New Years Eve!  I couldn’t resist posting a recipe for white cake. Isn’t it funny how that works? A new year is sometimes the very best time to remember a few of your not-so-new favorites. 01b76e37ef3d32b082229ab03619a1573a4c0233d3 After all, new isn’t always better.  Light and fluffy meringue frosting tops layers of moist vanilla cake and filled with vanilla pudding 01bb86eae9051ccccf59c4f282bf89ee8e81fa2897 making this a delicious and beautiful end to any meal.  Today’s super simple cake project will help you ring in the new year with a touch of glitz and glam. 01db6684c24ead5e33008ddfbcc602b73789fe7951 It starts with a plain white cake-easy enough, right? Add vanilla pudding, and spread Fluffy White Meringue Frosting over sides and top of cake, toasting the frosting with a culinary torch. What do you get, this beautiful cake for your New Year’s Eve celebration. 01ea73d76015abf6b442ecdd5554ac22dcc7a4e01a


Breathe some life into an uncomplicated white cake with bursts of gold color via toasting meringue.  It’s an easy but oh-so-stylish way to upgrade your celebration. 019bf2f3448624111afb340dd3956ffcf2a6ab353d 018f605185b2c86a1a62388cb43002d13d473f4150 01f9daabb175f8f75c3d284b9af00ca1e270e7a837 014f203dfb9612729244fd44ac0a5fdf78f41fae22 012e1d6aafecd39b972e49ce6c79a6d8799a64da9b


This cake owes its stunning looks to a billowy meringue frosting that’s spiked and browned all over. Usher in 2016 sweetly with this easy, simple recipe. Enjoy and Happy New Year!







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