Pignoli Cookies and “Spumoni” Italian Cookies

Pignoli cookies,ipad 2nd batch 401 also known as Pine Nut Cookies, are the Southern Italian version of macaroons. Although considered a Sicilian treat, they’re found all over southern Italy.  Bursting with almond flavor, these cookies are toasty on the outside and chewy on the inside.  Italy in every bite the PignoliCookies-AmaretticonPignoli from the bakery are delicious, but this Pignoli cookie recipe can be made for a fraction ipad 2nd batch 414 of the cost and without sacraficing taste.

SpumoniItalianCookies ipad 2nd batch 430 Spumoni is a classic Italian dessert: an ice cream layered with whipped cream, usually flavored with chocolate, cherry and pistachio.  The layered flavors of Italian Spumoni ice cream is captured in cookie form thanks to layers of chocolate sugar dough, ipad 2nd batch 423 maraschino cherries and pistachio sugar dough.  Bring this delicious and sweet part of Italy into your home.


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