Christmas Eggnog With Whipped Cream and The Perfect Eggnog Poke Cake

It’s holiday time, which means it’s eggnog time, so let’s start the holiday off with a holiday cheer!

ipad pics 546

ChristmasEggnogwithWhippedCream   I always know that Christmas is right around the corner when eggnog suddenly appears. You might want to cozy up with a glass by the fire or enjoy a round with close friends and family.

ipad pics 560

No holiday celebration is complete without eggnog, it is a classical holiday tradition.  If you’ve never tried eggnog made from scratch, it’s high time you try. There is nothing that compares with the rich and creamy taste of homemade eggnog.

Grab a glass of eggnog and cheers! ipad pics 555

Eggnog is not just for sipping and toasting to the holidays.ipad 2nd batch 046PerfectEggnogPokeCake

This cake is the perfect sweet way to use up any leftover eggnog.  A super delicious and easy poke cake made with a favorite Christmas flavor!  So if your in charge of bringing a cake to a holiday gathering this year…..then you have got to bring this one!

ipad 2nd batch 047


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