Haunted Party Bash Cupcakes

       On the 7th day before Halloween is……..It’s a party, it’s a bash, its the cupcake mash, not the monster mash but the cupcake mash!!


You don’t need to be a kid to appreciate a spooktacular spider, ghost or wicked witch, even the adults will go batty for these cute and creepy cupcake recipes. Add these fun Halloween cupcakes to your party desserts table!


Create ghosts, witches, spider webs and other Halloween designs by adding candy and frosting to these homemade cupcakes.

IMG_0454    IMG_0425

These Halloween cupcakes are spooky,  painless and sure to be devoured up by all the little and big witches, ghosts, goblins in your life.


Let me introduce the stars of the Haunted Party Bash by their given names (by my daughter):

Click on each name of the cupcakes to read the decorations I used……….

IMG_0455       IMG_0457     IMG_0459

Mr.Mummy                                TheBlackWidow               WickedOldWitch

IMG_0460           IMG_0461         IMG_0462

AdorableZombieCone             SwirlyGhost                          Sprinkles

IMG_0463         IMG_0464        IMG_0466

Mr. & Mrs.Pumpkin           PumpkinPatch                      SpookyForest

Note- No real eyeballs or spiders were used to make these cupcakes!


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