Pure Mint Extract

Another extract added to my list: Pure Mint Extract. Just made it today.IMG_0761 It is easy to make .Once again you will need two main ingredients.. vodka and Mint leaves  IMG_0735 and an empty jar or bottle.

To make mint extract:

1. Use about a cup of mint leaves(removed from the stems)and crush them with your fingers to release some of the oils.IMG_0743 2. Place the mint leaves into your glass jar or bottle. Using a chopstick or other poking device, lightly crush/bruise the leaves some more.

3.  Add the vodka, filling up to the neck of the jar or bottleIMG_0744 Seal tightly and store bottle in a cool,  dark and dry place. Every few days, tilt your jar or bottle upside down to gently mix the liquid inside.

IMG_0762 4. Let steep for about 5-6 weeks, remove the mint leaves and your Mint extract will be ready to use. Remember the longer you steep the better the final results…


2 thoughts on “Pure Mint Extract

  1. Isabel, I totally love your blog. Your marzipan fruits are little works of art. I love making my own stuff like pickles, kefir, gluten free baked goods, etc. and have wanted to get into marzipan to make beautiful little molds to put into jello molds like the Japanese make – particularly the little goldfish in a “pond”. In my internet travels today, I discovered your website with all the interesting things on it and will take my time to look at everything. Thank you for posting.


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