Happy 77th Birthday Mom!

Today is my Mom’s 77th birthday!  Wishing my mother a very Happy 77th Birthday.florida pics and cake 205 She is an amazing woman with great personal strength and faith. mom pics bdaypicasso 002 (I love these old photos)

mom pics bday1 003mom pics bday2 004 May this day bring countless happiness and endless joy(and hopefully lots of presents). My kids and I surprised my mother with an early birthday visit this past weekend……..made her a cake(she blew out the candles and opened her presents). It was nice to spend some time together.

florida pics and cake 212 I decided to make her a basic sponge cake, filled with custard and coconut creme filling. The icing I didn’t want to have anything that was too sugary so I decided to use whipped cream (it was not sweet at all). florida pics and cake 221 The recipes for cake and whip cream are SpongeCake and StabilizedWhippedCreamIcingflorida pics and cake 239florida pics and cakepicasso 237         florida pics and cake3 240 Once again wishing my Mom a very Happy 77th Birthday! 



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