Candied Chocolate and Pizzelle Fortune Cookies………

Homemade candied chocolates  are perfect for Valentine’s Day and any other day of the year.  There is nothing like creating your own chocolate delights!DSCN0329  If you want to have some fun DSCN0299and to impress someone then these chocolate candies are perfect. DSCN0343 This is a nice treat to make with the kids.  The details in each candy mold make these easy candies look terrific.  DSCN0296 All you have to do is choose your favorite mold and DSCN0277 some candy melts and make some chocolate candies.DSCN0279  DSCN0345

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away, DSCN0442 add a personal touch this year with these homemade PizzelleFortuneCookies , made with sweet fortunes inside. You can write sweet nothings on strips of paper DSCN0445and tuck them right into each cookie for a sweet Valentines surprise.


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