Nougat and Dark Torrone

Nougat Torrone  is a traditional Italian delicacy.  This is a famous sweet most often enjoyed during the Christmas season. 01442afe1d88f5230b98ff0837895bc0e155994cf9 A candy that is full of festivity. Perfect to take to family and friends’ homes, give as a gift or to add to the dessert table.  There are many different types of torrone available – some soft, some hard and some with chocolate, with different flavors and ingredients.  This is the classical torrone 01442afe1d88f5230b98ff0837895bc0e155994cf9 that I remember having as a child during Christmas holidays, made of honey, sugar, whisked egg-whites and toasted almonds. 01aabf3f7be5395f0e677a4b2f42d81a1c406670d8 NougatTorrone 


The Christmas season invariably starts with some baking in an Italian household. This year I decided to try making homemade torrone, nougat and dark brittle torrone. 01eedb3a046de33230ad15de5d54b30c4ce10f6732 This isn’t the typical nougat torrone you pick up at the store.  This is more of a homemade kind typical of Southern Italy including Calabria and Sicily that is dark and more like brittle. 01bd5bf6598896795aee1b05e5e12e71a53feedf56You could try this with hazelnuts or peanuts. I made this with lightly toasted almonds. 01e4298e827b7ff6c2a047ed7095c11389af3f7893 Honey, sugar, butter and almonds is all that you need to make this sweet . Happy Holidays and enjoy. 015b90f2ee9f4e6f726ce6e2972d015de43af69af8 DarkTorrone 01b23dbc8cc7307960c01946069aa7eb0c3e8c482e


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