Mini Tiramisu Ladyfingers and Cream Horns

Dainty and delicious! These elegant sandwiched cookies resemble and taste just like pastries.  Tiramisu is one of the most popular Italian cakes. Tiramisu is Italian for “pick me up” and that’s exactly what these mini sweets are begging you to do. 01a6fd8763bf26f30f8e29f1391c8565fb8986c16001a8016936e3c43a71a1e776598c750a7d8e7d011d

MiniTiramisuLadyfingers – little bites of Italian bliss. A delicately thrilling addition to your holiday baking lineup. 0101c5a3ae9964a4858ecc9dfb5bd70bc255b279cc The cookies are tender, mildly boozy fingers filled with rich creamy mascarpone and coffee flavor liqueur. 01018b7d84a0fa4756ff70b871bbf9e7203a933cc3 Each sandwich is kissed with some decorative piped filling and topped with a chocolate-covered coffee bean, 0132b643e4a42f9e24457aa1f5e09710f97167ab0a MiniTiramisuLadyfingers are made to mimic traditional Tiramisu.

Every Christmas one of my favorite traditions is to bake homemade cream horns, to add to our family dessert table. 011abafead1037780c2552a3287e64dbf043034fba Italian Cream Horns are delicious little pastries that are made with puff pastry dough that is wrapped around metal molds, baked until crisp, 01617e6edf1e76ef66b044caaf17066ba71950a505 and then filled with cream. The cream filling can vary from a rich pastry cream, to a buttercream, or simple whipped cream. 012384e92b68587638225d2272aa8ca744724c6fe4 I like to use a sweet Ricotta filling, known as cannoli filling. With this batch of puff pastry, I made cream horns and mini cream puffs. 019bf0dc33ba0da26f5f3758d7c5484247f7cca488 The cream puffs were filled with whipped cream, vanilla pudding and custard. 01bb681f51792e895a9a3025fc48cdc0cce4e93eda I will be honest with you this year Christmas came too fast, I really didn’t have a chance to do all the baking on my list, especially a Christmas cake. You cannot have Christmas dessert with no cake, so with a little imagination, stress for time I came up with CAKE!  Not your usual cake and not what I had planned to make for Christmas this year, but it will do………What do you think?  MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! 





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