Heart Wafer Cookies

Show your love with these easy-to-make heart shaped wafer cookies. DSCN0384I love when a simple technique can be used to make something look extra special. I chose Nutella as my filling DSCN0324but you could add any filling (peanut butter, strawberry jam, frosting, etc.) This is so quick and simple to make, you will be done before you say Happy Valentine’s Day. 

What you will need is wafer sheets 4-5 square sheets(sold in bulk food stores, grocery stores, bakeries), heart shaped cookie cutters, and the filling of your choice.DSCN0283You could fill the wafer cookies before you cut or after you cut your shapes. Place 3-4 sheets of wafer cookies on top of each other (filled or not filled) with cookie cutter press down firmly making sure it cuts straight through.DSCN0287Removing cookie cutters carefully, you could then fill or just decorate. DSCN0387As shown in my pictures I didn’t decorate the top of my cookies but you could add icing or melt chocolate to drizzle.  In my household these wafer cookies would not make it to the decorating stage, they are devoured pretty quick.  As the saying goes: “The quickest way to the heart is through the stomach”.  Enjoy……


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