Mushroom Cookies

Are you a fan of mushrooms? This is the type of food that people either adore or hate, it’s that simple. I find this post to be a bit odd and quite amusing. I am not a big fan of mushrooms  for the reason of being highly allergic to them.  But I have always been intrigued by the way they look.  Normally I wouldn’t describe a mushroom as being cute, 01363efa7b231f959e651b900bdac558edb0c65a00 but these mushrooms are really adorable. Drum roll please!!!  Let me introduce to you mushroom-shaped cookies. 01916035af47024a241aa16e57482ff4c54bd22f32 They’re chocolaty, crunchy and have a moist nutty center. 0129ef51566a409fbfd9c7b3fbdb43e4c8e7fcde74 These MushroomCookies are made of three parts. The stems are made of a wonderful walnut dough and the caps have a buttery taste. 011a6aa2c5f280d96abc83f53c55eadd087237425f.jpg Their center is scraped out to make room for a filling made with a mixture of cookie crumbs, walnuts, jam and a hint of rum.  The cap on top 01c4176c81322fa2008a80dce1673923fbad84dba0 is dipped in dark chocolate.  All the flavors connect when you bite into one.  Bring joy to the table 01841711a4e8e3b0cc4d0a500a122c437306d52c74 with these mushroom cookies.  This is the perfect cookie to add a touch of elegance to any dessert table. 01d1578348d108ec9b30f320fbd1d566f70e817a1d 012f3e2dbb9c53095a418910d6f8efbb7d343eb396

0138b5b570c245637e603fad546f71c8e118ebcff9 MushroomCookies


One thought on “Mushroom Cookies

  1. Those Mushroom Cookies look so cute and I’ll make them on Christmas Day.
    I wonder if they will look as good as yours,probably not.


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