Rainbow Sprinkles For My Sweet Little Girl

Turning 10 is a big deal!  Getting to double digits is a milestone worth celebrating. DSCN0650DSCN0718

My little girl  just turned  “10”  this past weekend. For the past few months she has been begging for 3 things:     a horse, a puppy and a homemade birthday cake.  The horse definitely was not going to happen, a puppy I’m still thinking about that one, but the cake was a definite “yes”. Her list of key ingredients were strawberries, DSCN0657blackberries, blueberries, raspberries. Her choice of fillingsDSCN0716 were whipped cream with strawberries and Milk Chocolate Mousse and sprinkles for decoration…..SO MANY SPRINKLES!DSCN0712

She invited a few of her friends along with some of her cousins.  With extra cake batter I made ‘mini birthday cakes’ IMG_1957  for the kids to decorate DSCN0726and take home as party favors. The party was a success and the best part for me was to see my little girl go to bed with a ‘big smile’ on her face.







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