Apple Almond Tart With Maple Custard

Since Thanksgiving is a holiday to celebrate bounty of harvest, the best way to honor this special day, without a doubt, is to make a bounty of desserts….Wishing my family, friends and viewers a Happy Thanksgiving! image Let Autumn’s favorite fruit take center stage on your family’s dessert table. This AppleAlmondTartwithMapleCustard combines stunning beauty with unforgettable taste, image utilizing the visuals of roses, the fragrant aroma of apple alongside a fresh, creamy custard image in a buttery, almond crust.  What’s a better way to say “I love you” than with roses? But this time, the roses can be eaten as well. This is a gorgeous twist on the classic fall treat, fall desserts bring out sugar and spice and everything nice! image This AppleAlmondTartwithMapleCustard is another beautiful recipe with much wow factor to show off while minimal fuss is involved. Yes, I often do like to dress up recipes and make them more sophisticated, but I never compromise on simplicity…because at the end, nobody needs a bit of extra complication just to make a tart! image I believe that pumpkin and pecan pie should take part on Thanksgiving, but pie is not the only Thanksgiving dessert that should be made.  Especially when your holiday tart options look this good.image image image Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! image


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