Apple Roses Pastry

Now that it is Autumn we can explore the flavors of the season.  Apples, cinnamon, pumpkin, nuts and more are gracing our table with warm filling meals and desserts.image This elegant, beautiful yet simple dessert is stunning to the eye.Thinking of fun ways to make dishes perfect for this time of year can be difficult, especially recipes that your children will eat and love.  Try the AppleRosesPastry for a delicious and fun dessert imagethat will have your kids asking for more. They are quite simple to make , your kids can help you make these delightful treats. image The presentation in a flower alone is so amazing, but to have the flower made from apple slices is remarkable.image The thin apple slices are arranged in rose shapes on puff pastry and baked individually for a pretty and delicious fruit dessert. With the abundance of apples that have been harvested for fall, now is the perfect time to create a breathtaking dessert.  With the upcoming holidays and family gatherings these will be the perfect added touch to any table…..image Display them as a centerpiece…image image Apple Roses are Almost too beautiful to eat. Almost!…if apples could get all dressed up for a very fancy occasion, this is how they would go! image image image image AppleRosesPastry


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