Boo-tiful Halloween Cake

Trick or Treat!  As we all know Halloween is a time for tricks and treats, but this boo-tifulhalloweencake recipe

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 is all treat, no trick.  With the month of October coming to an end and Halloween is tomorrow, this  resulted to last minute baking.  Honestly I have been so busy with my kids, school, household and making my daughter’s Halloween costume and once again, I still don’t know how she convinced me. Last night I realized I had no dessert planned for Halloween and started to have a panic attack (I like to plan ahead of time).  I decided to see what I had in my pantry and fridge and with eggs, flour, cocoa, chocolate and whipped cream I came up with boo-tifulhalloweencake .  

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I made a vanilla and chocolate cake baked layer by layer 

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and covered it in chocolate ganache.  

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Using melted chocolate I piped around the cake 

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I know it would have been more convenient picking up a cake from my local bakery but by putting something together from scratch (limited time) and making it look and taste more unusual is a big success in my book. 

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Homemade, of whatever degree, goes over best when it looks homemade.  All it takes is a simple personal touch.  

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Happy Halloween!    Click boo-tifulhalloweencake for recipe.






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