Flower Cake

Happy Mother’s Day to a woman with care, affection, sacrifice and a lot more is described with the name “Mother”. We celebrate her presence on Mother’s Day. Snapseed We are here now because of our mother, who sacrificed her life for our growth and welfare.  She is the most beautiful woman in the world and what better way to say I love you Mom than with flowers (or a Flower Cake). Snapseed Mother’s Day will be celebrated all over the world and on this Spring day it always brings to mind endless profusion of bright flowers that add a stylish, colorful touch to any Mother’s Day cake designs. SnapseedI decided to make chocolate petals from melted red chocolate candy melts to make my flower Snapseedand a strawberry sponge cake filled with custard and fresh strawberry whipped cream. SnapseedFrosted with real whipped cream and added a few Sixlets as decoration. SnapseedA Mother is like a flower, each one beautiful and unique. Wishing my Mom and to all the mothers a Happy Mother’s Day! SnapseedSnapseedSnapseed


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