Flower Cake

Happy Mother’s Day to a woman with care, affection, sacrifice and a lot more is described with the name “Mother”. We celebrate her presence on Mother’s Day. Snapseed We are here now because of our mother, who sacrificed her life for our growth and welfare.  She is the most beautiful woman in the world and what better way to say I love you Mom than with flowers (or a Flower Cake). Snapseed Mother’s Day will be celebrated all over the world and on this Spring day it always brings to mind endless profusion of bright flowers that add a stylish, colorful touch to any Mother’s Day cake designs. SnapseedI decided to make chocolate petals from melted red chocolate candy melts to make my flower Snapseedand a strawberry sponge cake filled with custard and fresh strawberry whipped cream. SnapseedFrosted with real whipped cream and added a few Sixlets as decoration. SnapseedA Mother is like a flower, each one beautiful and unique. Wishing my Mom and to all the mothers a Happy Mother’s Day! SnapseedSnapseedSnapseed


Father’s Day “Mowing The Lawn Cake”…

An amazing cake for someone who takes great pride in cutting their lawn !  Father’s Day cake made for my husband. image To be honest with you I was kinda stumped for ideas. I had golfing and fishing ideas, but my husband isn’t into either one of those activities. So I came up with a John Deere lawn mower image(considering he just loves it so much) and because he maintains the lawn like any professional landscaper.  I thought this would be the perfect cake for him.  The John Deere lawnmower and the figurine of my husband image is made out of imagemodelling chocolate.  I needed the cake to be a little sturdy, in order to hold up the John Deere and the figurine. I decided to make a homemade yellow sponge cake and filled it with strawberries and whipped cream (my husband’s favorite) image I covered the entire cake with whipped cream and crushed Oreo cookies for the sides of the cake, to resemble imagedirt.  For the grass I colored some of the whipped cream green imageand used a #233 decorating tip.  The final touch I used chocolate covered rocks imageto give it a more realistic look.  I am a big believer that the best gifts are homemade (especially cake) and from the heart. It is the perfect way to toast dad this weekend: make him a cake!  I hope that you and all the Father’s in your life imagehave a wonderful Father’s Day!  image image image image 

Flower Cookies for Mother’s Day

Since Mother’s Day is tomorrow your going to need a quick and easy dessert because time is of the essence.  Truth be told…yes I forgot about Mother’s Day until four days ago when my kids asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day.  In a panicky state I had to think of something quick and to be honest that is not me. I’m a planner, I like to plan everything in advance especially for these special occasions.  In a nutshell I goofed up this year, leaving no time to plan, my intentions were to make a cake but with 2016 just rushing by so fast,  I settled for quick and easy FlowerCookieforMothersDay.  image I decided that I would bake spritz cookie flowers shaped as roses for my Mom. Spritz cookies are simple to make and with few ingredients like butter, sugar, flour, eggs and vanilla extract.  The process of making them is super simple and with a little imagination, you could turn a simple cookie into a image beautiful dessert made for Mother’s Day.  I made three flavors, first is vanilla cookie imagemade with a hint of vanilla and almond extract and filled with MarshmallowButtercream. My second is strawberry cookie image made with strawberry extract and I added strawberry extract image to the MarshmallowButtercream. My third is chocolate and coffee flavor cookie,image this is made with cocoa and espresso coffee, imageI added melted chocolate to the MarshmallowButtercream.  There are so many ways to present these FlowerCookieforMothersDay to your Mom, here are a couple of ideas , put them individually in  cupcake liners image image and pack them in a cupcake box. Another option is to present them as a bouquet of flowers image image image Say you love your mom with cookies……. image This weekend is all about Mom! Let’s celebrate with a little something sweet, shall we? Whip up these beautiful roses and impress the special mother-figure in your life.  To all the moms out there reading this, I wish you a wonderful Mother’s Day – and I hope someone will make you a special dessert! image image Recipes for FlowerCookieforMothersDay MarshmallowButtercream

Strawberries and Cream Cake

We may have just finished with the winter holiday season, but Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and my StrawberriesandCreamCake 01285bcfa48d7b18082ec5a89254401436b256c34b is perfect for the occasion. On Valentine’s Day, indulge your sweet tooth with a special, simple dessert recipe for you and your special someone. This cake is so quick and  easy to make,  your loved ones will think you have been creating all day long(it can be our little secret, I promise not to tell). 01cd4ee70d4346ebdbb804b62efdc60ffecc42b997 With its beautiful presentation, it’s sure to make your Valentine’s Day – or any other occasion – memorable!  Every February, across the country, chocolate, flowers, and gifts are exchanged between loved ones I’ve come to realize that there are people out there who prefer vanilla cake over chocolate.  So to all the people who prefer vanilla cake, your Valentine’s Day is about to get a little sweeter.   My StrawberriesandCreamCake has no chocolate, pink M&M’s, or red velvet anywhere, it is a simple cake.  Light , fluffy sponge cake, 01e2724a62acedcc6e75c1ad9bd3a3083f5ec85b69filled with freshly whipped cream and diced strawberries. Decorated with fresh whipped cream (roses) 01f95dcca4dbe86fa307a6d27924f6f607da354ad8 01180315d06d963c11ee563876d56b4ed774fa53df and sliced almonds around the cake. 0187e2f1fc1b0025916244c71bb6aba39d1a96387f 01874cc5f6d0ef0463f95fbd658a6ed7111b9f5d7b and that’s it. There’s nothing crazy in this cake 015068f8479b13e95c50d8afcc0bcb2d69c2f702e3 or over the top about it. 01cd4ee70d4346ebdbb804b62efdc60ffecc42b997 It’s so simple and it’s simplicity is what makes this cake completely and utterly perfect. 01540d252f9cc55518879a2ea9e0a69f7d2370f1c5 What this cake does have is a lot of love. 011bf2716e156102b4bd6289387cdcdc165857f627 and that’s what counts, right?  Celebrate your Valentine’s Day with StrawberriesandCreamCake. 01d496a59e0b06d12f29f1b96e62bedd1f532d1af2 01cf057b7556f24fcd7304e0c3743619bca7250fc6 0168bbab3688403560031e36cd04bbad2b2dac981d    

Sundae Ice Cream Brownie Cake

Happy Canada Day! On Canada Day you must have cake whether it is sponge, cupcakes, ice cream or brownies…YOU MUST HAVE CAKE!  This was a last minute idea that came to me last night, so I started early this morning. This SundaeIceCreamBrownieCake is vanilla ice cream sandwiched between  brownie layers. Topped with whipped cream, delicious homegrown strawberriesand… Continue reading Sundae Ice Cream Brownie Cake

Rainbow Sprinkles For My Sweet Little Girl

Turning 10 is a big deal!  Getting to double digits is a milestone worth celebrating.  My little girl  just turned  “10”  this past weekend. For the past few months she has been begging for 3 things:     a horse, a puppy and a homemade birthday cake.  The horse definitely was not going to happen,… Continue reading Rainbow Sprinkles For My Sweet Little Girl

Champagne Dessert….Strawberries Dressed For New Years….Glittery New Year’s Eve Popcorn

Now that Christmas is over and all your Christmas cookies and treats are all baked and handed out, your Christmas gifts all opened and all the cleaning is done.  I think it’s time to relax and enjoy the beginning of the New Year.  So from here til New Year’s Day..   THERE IS NO BAKING… Continue reading Champagne Dessert….Strawberries Dressed For New Years….Glittery New Year’s Eve Popcorn