3-D Pumpkin Spice Cake

What’s Halloween without black and white?  What’s more fun than dressing up for Halloween, getting the table set up for a little spooky fun!  Its time for pumpkins, its time for for fall, its time to get dressed for a Halloween Masquerade Ball.  snapseed-23 Pumpkin all dressed up for a Halloween Masquerade Ball!  Halloween is the perfect occasion to unleash your imagination in the kitchen and whip up some devilishly good desserts. With all the spooky sweets to choose from, this 3D Pumpkin Spice Cake  was not my original plan, I was inspired by the pumpkins snapseed-2snapseed at the farmers market we usually go to on the weekends. My family is not a big fan of pumpkin, so I thought I’d disguise this years dessert with a shape of a pumpkin. snapseed-13 Since it is my first time with fondant I was a little hesitant but I finally got enough courage to try using fondant to cover my cake snapseed-14Though it was almost too pretty to eat, I served the cake to my family and it was a hit! snapseed-19snapseed-17 With delicious flavor combinations and gorgeous presentation, snapseed-20this 3D Pumpkin Spice Cake recipe may just convince you to jump on the pumpkin bandwagon. That is if you haven’t already ……….. snapseed-11snapseed-10snapseed-15snapseed-8 Happy Halloween!    Click for recipe 3D Pumpkin Spice Cake 


Boo-tiful Halloween Cake

Trick or Treat!  As we all know Halloween is a time for tricks and treats, but this boo-tifulhalloweencake recipe

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 is all treat, no trick.  With the month of October coming to an end and Halloween is tomorrow, this  resulted to last minute baking.  Honestly I have been so busy with my kids, school, household and making my daughter’s Halloween costume and once again, I still don’t know how she convinced me. Last night I realized I had no dessert planned for Halloween and started to have a panic attack (I like to plan ahead of time).  I decided to see what I had in my pantry and fridge and with eggs, flour, cocoa, chocolate and whipped cream I came up with boo-tifulhalloweencake .  

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I made a vanilla and chocolate cake baked layer by layer 

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and covered it in chocolate ganache.  

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Using melted chocolate I piped around the cake 

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I know it would have been more convenient picking up a cake from my local bakery but by putting something together from scratch (limited time) and making it look and taste more unusual is a big success in my book. 

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Homemade, of whatever degree, goes over best when it looks homemade.  All it takes is a simple personal touch.  

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Happy Halloween!    Click boo-tifulhalloweencake for recipe.





Haunted Black Forest Cake and Black Forest Chocolate Cupcakes

It’s Dark, its kinda scary, but it is so very deliciousimage Don’t be scared! These woods have critters and crawlies everywhere, they are watching you image but they’re all as sweet as can be. image  For some reason, Halloween makes me think of Black Forest Cake, so I styled my cake with a bit of Halloween flare. I call it HauntedBlackForestCake .  From googly eyed critters made from ChocolateCoveredLeaves image to ChocolateDippedMaraschinoCherries   

and topped with a Ghost  that is made of fondant. image ….that screams Halloween, right?  This was a cake that was made at least a thousand times by my mother in law from scratch, this is my first try at it and I hope it is a thumbs up. You can make this cake as simple or as complex as you’d like.  imageChocolate cake from scratch, chocolate cake from a mix image ….. cherry pie filling or fresh cherries image in a delicious, thick sauce, the choice is entirely yours.  When I hear Black Forest Cake, the first thoughts that come to mind are chocolate, cherries and plenty of whipped cream. image You will enjoy the delicious chocolate taste of the cake imagewhile having an ooze of cherry filling once you get in the middle. The frosting and garnish is pretty much the same. image Black Forest Chocolate Cupcake is a smaller version image of the popular Black Forest Cake. I had left over batter so I decided to make this mini version. Simple to make once cupcakes were cooled I cored the center of each image cupcake and filled with the cherry filling image. Once topped with whipped cream and dusted with chocolate shavings I transformed these goodies into a Picture Perfect Halloween Treat… image A perfect combination of chocolate and cherries packed into a cupcake. image Children love their sweet treats and the tasty, delicious cupcake image is no exception. With it’s small size, spongy taste and fluffy whipped topping, the cupcakes are a real hit for Halloween. image Happy Halloween and remember you could never go wrong with Black Forest.image

Haunted Gingerbread House

 The final day of countdown. On Halloween day is…Take a stroll down Sweet Kit Kat Street, if you dare and ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK!! A Haunted Gingerbread House nestled on a Cookies ‘n crème cake and surrounded by Kit Kat chocolate bars. Making  the Gingerbread House I used assorted candies, chocolate, graham crackers (for bench,… Continue reading Haunted Gingerbread House

Orange Sorbet Jack-O’-Lanterns

On the 2nd day before Halloween is……Just have fun with this one and take a twist on ‘the orange’. Carve out a Jack-O’-Lantern using an orange, hallow out and fill with sorbet.Dress up those oranges this Halloween by turning them into Jack-O’-Lanterns. This is a perfect end to a family Halloween dinner. Who says you… Continue reading Orange Sorbet Jack-O’-Lanterns

Screaming Strawberry Ghosts

On the 3rd day before Halloween is…..GHOST SIGHTING! A report has just come in and there is a confirmed sighting of Ghosts in and around the area….Screaming Strawberry Ghosts that is. These Screaming strawberries have a chance of turning y-o-o-u into a ghost. These little white chocolate covered strawberry ghosts are the perfect Halloween treat for kids… Continue reading Screaming Strawberry Ghosts

Spooky Spiderweb Brownies

On the 4th day before Halloween is……Turn your favorite brownies into cake size Spiderweb Brownies, just perfect for Halloween. Made with a cream cheese ripple in the center as well as a spiderweb design on top.  The design technique is so much easier than it looks. You don’t need to be an artist, you just… Continue reading Spooky Spiderweb Brownies