Easter Log Cake

Each year I try to come up with a creative dessert and more often than not, I’ll end up baking a cake. This year I baked a log cake (who says you can have a log cake only for Christmas) SnapseedEaster is a wonderful holiday, to me it represents everything new, fresh and bright. Spring has arrived, the flowers are starting to bloom, the birds are singing and the energy in the air seems to be one of happiness and hope. I decided to put in as many soft pastel colors to show the memories I had growing up around Easter time. SnapseedAs a child my Easter mornings were spent at church and then followed with a big celebration meal and of course our chocolate Easter eggs. This EasterLogCake will shine brightly on any dessert table. Using edible garnishes and decadent chocolate ganache, the cake is made to resemble a tiny tree log. SnapseedFor something so impressive, this recipe actually starts off pretty simple. A basic cake is baked in a jelly roll pan before being rolled up with chocolate ganache and white chocolate pudding. SnapseedCut into this cake to reveal a festive swirl, but the real fun part comes with decoration! These cute little figurines are made of Marzipan (all edible) SnapseedSnapseedSnapseedSnapseedAdd a little dash of magic to your baking and make a EasterLogCake its a new take on the traditional yule log and a great alternative to a traditional round cake! SnapseedSnapseedSnapseedSnapseedHAPPY EASTER!!

Recipe at EasterLogCake


Boo-tiful Halloween Cake

Trick or Treat!  As we all know Halloween is a time for tricks and treats, but this boo-tifulhalloweencake recipe

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 is all treat, no trick.  With the month of October coming to an end and Halloween is tomorrow, this  resulted to last minute baking.  Honestly I have been so busy with my kids, school, household and making my daughter’s Halloween costume and once again, I still don’t know how she convinced me. Last night I realized I had no dessert planned for Halloween and started to have a panic attack (I like to plan ahead of time).  I decided to see what I had in my pantry and fridge and with eggs, flour, cocoa, chocolate and whipped cream I came up with boo-tifulhalloweencake .  

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I made a vanilla and chocolate cake baked layer by layer 

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and covered it in chocolate ganache.  

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Using melted chocolate I piped around the cake 

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I know it would have been more convenient picking up a cake from my local bakery but by putting something together from scratch (limited time) and making it look and taste more unusual is a big success in my book. 

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Homemade, of whatever degree, goes over best when it looks homemade.  All it takes is a simple personal touch.  

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Happy Halloween!    Click boo-tifulhalloweencake for recipe.





Flower Cookies for Mother’s Day

Since Mother’s Day is tomorrow your going to need a quick and easy dessert because time is of the essence.  Truth be told…yes I forgot about Mother’s Day until four days ago when my kids asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day.  In a panicky state I had to think of something quick and to be honest that is not me. I’m a planner, I like to plan everything in advance especially for these special occasions.  In a nutshell I goofed up this year, leaving no time to plan, my intentions were to make a cake but with 2016 just rushing by so fast,  I settled for quick and easy FlowerCookieforMothersDay.  image I decided that I would bake spritz cookie flowers shaped as roses for my Mom. Spritz cookies are simple to make and with few ingredients like butter, sugar, flour, eggs and vanilla extract.  The process of making them is super simple and with a little imagination, you could turn a simple cookie into a image beautiful dessert made for Mother’s Day.  I made three flavors, first is vanilla cookie imagemade with a hint of vanilla and almond extract and filled with MarshmallowButtercream. My second is strawberry cookie image made with strawberry extract and I added strawberry extract image to the MarshmallowButtercream. My third is chocolate and coffee flavor cookie,image this is made with cocoa and espresso coffee, imageI added melted chocolate to the MarshmallowButtercream.  There are so many ways to present these FlowerCookieforMothersDay to your Mom, here are a couple of ideas , put them individually in  cupcake liners image image and pack them in a cupcake box. Another option is to present them as a bouquet of flowers image image image Say you love your mom with cookies……. image This weekend is all about Mom! Let’s celebrate with a little something sweet, shall we? Whip up these beautiful roses and impress the special mother-figure in your life.  To all the moms out there reading this, I wish you a wonderful Mother’s Day – and I hope someone will make you a special dessert! image image Recipes for FlowerCookieforMothersDay MarshmallowButtercream

Painting Bunny Easter Cake

Hippity Hoppity, I found the Easter Bunny and that means Easter is on its way! image   The Easter bunny is painting up a storm with artistic flare. He seems to be hard at work making sure all the eggs   image are painted in time for Easter.  One of my favorite ways to celebrate Easter is baking! Nothing says Happy Easter or Spring like a cake with bunnies.  This is a MarbleGanacheBundtCake and decorated with image eggs, image carrots, imagebunnies and all made from modelling chocolate.  Different Easter cake ideas is a must-have for celebrating image Easter day.  You can incorporate various designs image and patterns image in making the cake unique image and creative. image With a little bit of patience imageand imagination anything is possible. Baking a cake in a Bundt pan is an easy way to make for a pretty presentation!  This MarbleGanacheBundtCake  imageis soft and moist , swirls of chocolate and vanilla image ensures that everyone gets their favorite  flavor in every slice. image  

Honeycomb Cherry Torte

Valentine’s Day, February 14 is the only day of the year when it is acceptable to eat nothing but chocolate.  In my previous post I made vanilla cake for all the vanilla lovers out there.  I could not let Valentine’s Day pass this year without some type of chocolate creation, so I dedicate this HoneyCombCherryTorte 01283d8206964c6bf5d4c60d58158e444d62669248 to all you chocolate lovers.  This dessert is the choice, to mark the perfect end to a perfect Valentine’s Day dinner.  014dd9225f5cd2609b6d1a61f8cf37704019823093 Have you ever tried baking puff pastry layer cake?  This is my first try and it was easier than I thought. Flaky puff pastry tubes filled with cherries, 01ed7eac74a655069cd98d90f0a772b315774ba9b6 all enrobed in luscious Dulce de Leche  layers of spiraling puff pastry tubes filled with tart cherries.  017fc2cbabf9c761640191d37304ced2e2651921db The look of this torte is similar to a honeycomb, so I decided to call it HoneyCombCherryTorte.  On Valentine’s Day strawberries usually take center stage but not this year. In this torte  01a65aa962a4ea38d093e6f7ca7a0800e6d4c83c36the cherries are getting all of the deserved attention. The classic combination of cherries, Dulce de Leche and chocolate ganache 01afc9643e70f060de5a4fc0d959e707bb97cab957does not really need much of an introduction but if you have never tried this torte before, let me tell you, you should!  The tartness of the cherries 01af99112458d369ba6bccacf3b744ac9d9a708969 balances perfectly with the sweet filling, while the smoothness of the chocolate ganache makes it look like a masterpiece. 014bc830a98c0983ab85d2732e04f2b2fa6a780f83 It is obvious what I love most about this torte is the looks but I also like the surprise inside once you cut into it. 01dccc96e3f12327105b9a09050abab1724f3885fd I wanted to dress it up and make it perfect for Valentine’s Day. I used modelling chocolate to make the little balls (that line around the torte), 010dd3985f661215e740d6f36bcde3ddd2c8bbaf06 the flowers 01f72a2c635fcb2fcdc80cf3376b954bee2ee44b49.jpg016ca17e0e35657c1881094a9e5d3855ac8415a2df.jpgand the grapes I decided to shape them into heart shaped grapes,01fbf7ac7d515dc44ae0c0318fea7e3d868fa2f744.jpg perfect for the occasion. HoneyCombCherryTorte is the perfect cake, 01b1b7d7845a80fa5ae571194eb8a6a3bb1c0ef88f the perfect shape, 01a614d841661eaa16e74350603b2ad4142c1f410f to say “I love you”!  Three layers of spiraling heart shaped pastry filled with tart cherries and layered with Dulce de Leche and coated entirely with smooth chocolate ganache, it does not get better than this.01c68f8c26dbc20537cac901304984f98ead9c675e

 This HoneyCombCherryTorte is a decadent and romantic dessert for that special someone for Valentine’s Day.    Happy Valentine’s from cakesandmore101.0130684afd26d5cccb99b170e117b02766bdc4366f.jpg

Mushroom Cookies

Are you a fan of mushrooms? This is the type of food that people either adore or hate, it’s that simple. I find this post to be a bit odd and quite amusing. I am not a big fan of mushrooms  for the reason of being highly allergic to them.  But I have always been intrigued by the way they look.  Normally I wouldn’t describe a mushroom as being cute, 01363efa7b231f959e651b900bdac558edb0c65a00 but these mushrooms are really adorable. Drum roll please!!!  Let me introduce to you mushroom-shaped cookies. 01916035af47024a241aa16e57482ff4c54bd22f32 They’re chocolaty, crunchy and have a moist nutty center. 0129ef51566a409fbfd9c7b3fbdb43e4c8e7fcde74 These MushroomCookies are made of three parts. The stems are made of a wonderful walnut dough and the caps have a buttery taste. 011a6aa2c5f280d96abc83f53c55eadd087237425f.jpg Their center is scraped out to make room for a filling made with a mixture of cookie crumbs, walnuts, jam and a hint of rum.  The cap on top 01c4176c81322fa2008a80dce1673923fbad84dba0 is dipped in dark chocolate.  All the flavors connect when you bite into one.  Bring joy to the table 01841711a4e8e3b0cc4d0a500a122c437306d52c74 with these mushroom cookies.  This is the perfect cookie to add a touch of elegance to any dessert table. 01d1578348d108ec9b30f320fbd1d566f70e817a1d 012f3e2dbb9c53095a418910d6f8efbb7d343eb396

0138b5b570c245637e603fad546f71c8e118ebcff9 MushroomCookies

Haunted Black Forest Cake and Black Forest Chocolate Cupcakes

It’s Dark, its kinda scary, but it is so very deliciousimage Don’t be scared! These woods have critters and crawlies everywhere, they are watching you image but they’re all as sweet as can be. image  For some reason, Halloween makes me think of Black Forest Cake, so I styled my cake with a bit of Halloween flare. I call it HauntedBlackForestCake .  From googly eyed critters made from ChocolateCoveredLeaves image to ChocolateDippedMaraschinoCherries   

and topped with a Ghost  that is made of fondant. image ….that screams Halloween, right?  This was a cake that was made at least a thousand times by my mother in law from scratch, this is my first try at it and I hope it is a thumbs up. You can make this cake as simple or as complex as you’d like.  imageChocolate cake from scratch, chocolate cake from a mix image ….. cherry pie filling or fresh cherries image in a delicious, thick sauce, the choice is entirely yours.  When I hear Black Forest Cake, the first thoughts that come to mind are chocolate, cherries and plenty of whipped cream. image You will enjoy the delicious chocolate taste of the cake imagewhile having an ooze of cherry filling once you get in the middle. The frosting and garnish is pretty much the same. image Black Forest Chocolate Cupcake is a smaller version image of the popular Black Forest Cake. I had left over batter so I decided to make this mini version. Simple to make once cupcakes were cooled I cored the center of each image cupcake and filled with the cherry filling image. Once topped with whipped cream and dusted with chocolate shavings I transformed these goodies into a Picture Perfect Halloween Treat… image A perfect combination of chocolate and cherries packed into a cupcake. image Children love their sweet treats and the tasty, delicious cupcake image is no exception. With it’s small size, spongy taste and fluffy whipped topping, the cupcakes are a real hit for Halloween. image Happy Halloween and remember you could never go wrong with Black Forest.image