Valentine Paris-Brest

It’s the month of hearts and the color red, and nothing says Valentine’s Day like a French dessert shaped in a big heart. snapseed Paris-Brest is a classic French dessert that was created in 1891 to commemorate the Paris-Brest bicycle race.  Classically, the pastry is piped in the shape of a bicycle wheel.  Mine is piped in the shape of a heart img_9063 in honor of Valentine’s Day. Normally creme patisserie with praline is used for Paris-Brest but I used Chantilly cream with vanilla pudding for a lighter taste. snapseed Cream Puffs are always one of those desserts that impress everybody.  It’s very French and, therefore, very sophisticated in the eyes of many.snapseed But the reality is that cream puffs are incredibly simple to make once you have a good recipe on hand like my valentineparis-brest recipe.  This is a showstopper dessert, a filled pastry shaped into a heart – the very essence of Paris’ romance all in one delicious treat!  snapseed There are so many flavors and textures at work in this simple pastry.  Crunchy toasted almonds, spongy/chewy pastry, rich but light vanilla Chantilly cream.          



img_9028 If you have waited for the last minute to make your Valentine’s Day dessert, this is the perfect confection, it truly is simpler than you think, give it a try I promise you will love it. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Click valentineparis-brest for recipe.