Father’s Day “Mowing The Lawn Cake”…

An amazing cake for someone who takes great pride in cutting their lawn !  Father’s Day cake made for my husband. image To be honest with you I was kinda stumped for ideas. I had golfing and fishing ideas, but my husband isn’t into either one of those activities. So I came up with a John Deere lawn mower image(considering he just loves it so much) and because he maintains the lawn like any professional landscaper.  I thought this would be the perfect cake for him.  The John Deere lawnmower and the figurine of my husband image is made out of imagemodelling chocolate.  I needed the cake to be a little sturdy, in order to hold up the John Deere and the figurine. I decided to make a homemade yellow sponge cake and filled it with strawberries and whipped cream (my husband’s favorite) image I covered the entire cake with whipped cream and crushed Oreo cookies for the sides of the cake, to resemble imagedirt.  For the grass I colored some of the whipped cream green imageand used a #233 decorating tip.  The final touch I used chocolate covered rocks imageto give it a more realistic look.  I am a big believer that the best gifts are homemade (especially cake) and from the heart. It is the perfect way to toast dad this weekend: make him a cake!  I hope that you and all the Father’s in your life imagehave a wonderful Father’s Day!  image image image image 


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