Flower Cookies for Mother’s Day

Since Mother’s Day is tomorrow your going to need a quick and easy dessert because time is of the essence.  Truth be told…yes I forgot about Mother’s Day until four days ago when my kids asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day.  In a panicky state I had to think of something quick and to be honest that is not me. I’m a planner, I like to plan everything in advance especially for these special occasions.  In a nutshell I goofed up this year, leaving no time to plan, my intentions were to make a cake but with 2016 just rushing by so fast,  I settled for quick and easy FlowerCookieforMothersDay.  image I decided that I would bake spritz cookie flowers shaped as roses for my Mom. Spritz cookies are simple to make and with few ingredients like butter, sugar, flour, eggs and vanilla extract.  The process of making them is super simple and with a little imagination, you could turn a simple cookie into a image beautiful dessert made for Mother’s Day.  I made three flavors, first is vanilla cookie imagemade with a hint of vanilla and almond extract and filled with MarshmallowButtercream. My second is strawberry cookie image made with strawberry extract and I added strawberry extract image to the MarshmallowButtercream. My third is chocolate and coffee flavor cookie,image this is made with cocoa and espresso coffee, imageI added melted chocolate to the MarshmallowButtercream.  There are so many ways to present these FlowerCookieforMothersDay to your Mom, here are a couple of ideas , put them individually in  cupcake liners image image and pack them in a cupcake box. Another option is to present them as a bouquet of flowers image image image Say you love your mom with cookies……. image This weekend is all about Mom! Let’s celebrate with a little something sweet, shall we? Whip up these beautiful roses and impress the special mother-figure in your life.  To all the moms out there reading this, I wish you a wonderful Mother’s Day – and I hope someone will make you a special dessert! image image Recipes for FlowerCookieforMothersDay MarshmallowButtercream


6 thoughts on “Flower Cookies for Mother’s Day

  1. Oh my, these flower cookies are BEAUTIFUL. I’m saving this recipe asap, I’m gonna have to try this out for myself sometime, maybe even for my own mother. Thank you for sharing 😉

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