Sweet Ricotta Easter Cookies

Happy Easter!   Do you remember my MushroomCookies from Christmas? Well , these Easter cookies are image the distant cousins of those. They are made the same way as the mushroom cookies, their shape being the only difference. And since I love the mushroom ones so much, I never thought I would actually change the recipe.  But I have.  This recipe screams Easter and Spring with all of the vivid, beautiful colors. image You see, the mushroom cookies are perfect for the winter months. They are chocolaty and crunchy, the walnuts and the mushroom shape make them super festive and fit right into the cold scenery outside. These SweetRicottaEasterCookies are perfect for Spring and celebrating Easter. The cookies are made with zest of lemon and filled with infused orange Ricotta. For decorations I  dipped each cookie in Lemoncello Liqueur with a touch of  food coloring. I chose pink, yellow, purple, baby blue these colors imageare perfect  for Easter. image


image They are soft, with just enough bite and crunch, they are moist, image aromatic and so very adorable.  image The orange infused ricotta captures the essence of the warmer season.  It is the perfect filling for these SweetRicottaEasterCookies and makes them a much lighter and fresher version of its winter cousins – MushroomCookies. image


image image




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