Painting Bunny Easter Cake

Hippity Hoppity, I found the Easter Bunny and that means Easter is on its way! image   The Easter bunny is painting up a storm with artistic flare. He seems to be hard at work making sure all the eggs   image are painted in time for Easter.  One of my favorite ways to celebrate Easter is baking! Nothing says Happy Easter or Spring like a cake with bunnies.  This is a MarbleGanacheBundtCake and decorated with image eggs, image carrots, imagebunnies and all made from modelling chocolate.  Different Easter cake ideas is a must-have for celebrating image Easter day.  You can incorporate various designs image and patterns image in making the cake unique image and creative. image With a little bit of patience imageand imagination anything is possible. Baking a cake in a Bundt pan is an easy way to make for a pretty presentation!  This MarbleGanacheBundtCake  imageis soft and moist , swirls of chocolate and vanilla image ensures that everyone gets their favorite  flavor in every slice. image  


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