Honeycomb Cherry Torte

Valentine’s Day, February 14 is the only day of the year when it is acceptable to eat nothing but chocolate.  In my previous post I made vanilla cake for all the vanilla lovers out there.  I could not let Valentine’s Day pass this year without some type of chocolate creation, so I dedicate this HoneyCombCherryTorte 01283d8206964c6bf5d4c60d58158e444d62669248 to all you chocolate lovers.  This dessert is the choice, to mark the perfect end to a perfect Valentine’s Day dinner.  014dd9225f5cd2609b6d1a61f8cf37704019823093 Have you ever tried baking puff pastry layer cake?  This is my first try and it was easier than I thought. Flaky puff pastry tubes filled with cherries, 01ed7eac74a655069cd98d90f0a772b315774ba9b6 all enrobed in luscious Dulce de Leche  layers of spiraling puff pastry tubes filled with tart cherries.  017fc2cbabf9c761640191d37304ced2e2651921db The look of this torte is similar to a honeycomb, so I decided to call it HoneyCombCherryTorte.  On Valentine’s Day strawberries usually take center stage but not this year. In this torte  01a65aa962a4ea38d093e6f7ca7a0800e6d4c83c36the cherries are getting all of the deserved attention. The classic combination of cherries, Dulce de Leche and chocolate ganache 01afc9643e70f060de5a4fc0d959e707bb97cab957does not really need much of an introduction but if you have never tried this torte before, let me tell you, you should!  The tartness of the cherries 01af99112458d369ba6bccacf3b744ac9d9a708969 balances perfectly with the sweet filling, while the smoothness of the chocolate ganache makes it look like a masterpiece. 014bc830a98c0983ab85d2732e04f2b2fa6a780f83 It is obvious what I love most about this torte is the looks but I also like the surprise inside once you cut into it. 01dccc96e3f12327105b9a09050abab1724f3885fd I wanted to dress it up and make it perfect for Valentine’s Day. I used modelling chocolate to make the little balls (that line around the torte), 010dd3985f661215e740d6f36bcde3ddd2c8bbaf06 the flowers 01f72a2c635fcb2fcdc80cf3376b954bee2ee44b49.jpg016ca17e0e35657c1881094a9e5d3855ac8415a2df.jpgand the grapes I decided to shape them into heart shaped grapes,01fbf7ac7d515dc44ae0c0318fea7e3d868fa2f744.jpg perfect for the occasion. HoneyCombCherryTorte is the perfect cake, 01b1b7d7845a80fa5ae571194eb8a6a3bb1c0ef88f the perfect shape, 01a614d841661eaa16e74350603b2ad4142c1f410f to say “I love you”!  Three layers of spiraling heart shaped pastry filled with tart cherries and layered with Dulce de Leche and coated entirely with smooth chocolate ganache, it does not get better than this.01c68f8c26dbc20537cac901304984f98ead9c675e

 This HoneyCombCherryTorte is a decadent and romantic dessert for that special someone for Valentine’s Day.    Happy Valentine’s from cakesandmore101.0130684afd26d5cccb99b170e117b02766bdc4366f.jpg


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