Sundae Ice Cream Brownie Cake

Happy Canada Day!

On Canada Day you must have cake whether it is sponge, cupcakes, ice cream or brownies…YOU MUST HAVE CAKE!  DSCN1407This was a last minute idea that came to me last night, so I started early this morning. This SundaeIceCreamBrownieCake is vanilla ice cream sandwiched between  brownie layers. Topped with whipped cream, delicious homegrown strawberriesDSCN1382and hand picked cherriesDSCN1413and finished off with a drizzling of caramel. This was a quick, fun and easy dessert.  DSCN1433  Ice cream is always the perfect way to celebrate Canada’s birthday. DSCN1441 This ice cream cake is so versatile you can decorate it  for Canada’s Day, Fourth of July, birthdays, any special occasion.IMG_2827 DSCN1422 IMG_2841Happy Canada Day!


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