Bouquet of Flowers Cake

What would be the perfect cake for Mothers Day?The perfect cake for Mothers Day to me is the cake that you spend the day baking with love and that you are so proud that you made it just for her to celebrate DSCN1319 Mothers Day! I am blessed to have a mother that is still with us, I know she will be very proud of me because it came from the heart. I am a mom of 2 children and my mom has 3 children and as mother’s any gift from our children is always the best gift. DSCN1320   With the encouragement of my husband and children this Bouquet of Flowers Cake was entered in a contest and recently won’ first place’. This just made Mothers Day extra special for me.

This cake is made up of WhiteCakeRecipe and half of the batter I added pink food coloringDSCN1301to give it the pink/white layered look and filled with strawberry frosting. DSCN1264 For the decorations I decided to follow the pink and white theme so I blended the two colors, using #12 around the cakeIMG_2460 and #2D for the flowers.IMG_2672 The flowers I did separately one by one IMG_2439 then added them to my cake for my final touches. 

Mothers Day, is a day when all mothers around the world are honoured and celebrated. To all the mothers and mothers to be I wish you a Happy Mothers Day!



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