Easter Oreos and Chocolate Eggs

Help out the Easter bunny this year! IMG_2128 Fill the Easter baskets with homemade sweets and chocolate. There’s no better way to say you care than by giving a home-made egg DSCN0944 this Easter , it will show you have put some thought and care.  Easy to make using Easter candy molds.  All you need is the molds, colored chocolate wafers DSCN0895and Oreo cookies DSCN0908(any sandwiched cookie will do). Follow the instructions by melting the chocolate wafers and fill the molds and let cool. For the Oreo cookies fill the mold with melted chocolate then place Oreo in pressing down lightly until covered up around sides, then cool.IMG_2131  What doesn’t taste better when covered in chocolate? Especially chocolate covered Oreos! DSCN0939DSCN0938 Easter and chocolate are the perfect pair.  Why not try to make homemade chocolate candies, a great way to have fun in the kitchen, especially if you can get little ones involved too. IMG_2129


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